Sunday School Update

sundayschoolThe last day of Sunday School this year will be Sunday, May 20. We will break for the summer and begin again on Sept. 9. There are still plenty of opportunities for your children to enjoy church by worshiping with you on Sunday mornings, dancing in the aisles, and meeting others at after-church gatherings in Fellowship Hall or outside. Come to our family time!

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Sermon: April 29, 2018

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Acts 8:26-40
Philip teaches and baptizes an Ethiopian
Psalm 22:25-31
All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord. (Ps. 22:27)
1 John 4:7-21
God’s love perfected in love for one another
John 15:1-8
Christ the vine

Next week, Nathan Houston, Shirley Olson, and I—along with hundreds of other ELCA church members from around the South Central Synod of WI—will be attending our synod assembly. This is an annual meeting where the business of the church in our area is addressed. We use Robert’s Rules of Order and speak only when called upon. Assemblies tend to be the kind of church event that many appreciate—orderly and systematic, with name tags and little spontaneous or unplanned action. I can’t help noticing that it’s the exact opposite in every way of what is going on with the church in today’s reading from Acts. Continue reading

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Planning Council minutes: March 2018

meeting-min-hiThe minutes of the March 13, 2018 Trinity Planning Council meeting were approved at its April meeting.

Planning Council Minutes – March 13, 2018


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Sermon: April 15, 2018

Third Sunday of Easter

Note: Even though we didn’t worship together due to the inclement weather, here is the sermon I wrote for the day. ~SS

Today’s Gospel lesson from Luke is the second half of an Easter story commonly called the Road to Emmaus—a story which culminates in the scene the painting next to our pulpit depicts. Two disciples walk away from Jerusalem on Easter night, filled with sorrow, when they are joined by a stranger who explains how all that happened to Jesus was foretold in the scriptures. When they eat dinner together, the disciples suddenly recognize the stranger as Jesus when he breaks the bread. They run the 20 miles back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples. That’s where today’s Gospel lesson begins: “while they were talking about these things”—right in the middle of their sharing that profound experience—when suddenly Jesus shows up in their midst. Continue reading

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News from Hong Kong: April 2018

Dear Friends at Trinity in Wisconsin and in Texas, St. Peter’s, Triumphant, United, First United, and Lutheran Church of the Redeemer,

I thank God with you in this season of Easter that Christ has arisen and we, too, were raised with him in baptism, so that every ending becomes for us a beginning.

Attached you will find my Easter newsletter, describing my visit to Indonesia during our Easter break to see my former DTh (Doctor of Theology) student, Casthelia Kartika, who has now graduated, ending her time at the Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) in Hong Kong and beginning her work as a professor of Church History and as the President of her church’s seminary in Jakarta.

Casthelia and I began our time at LTS together, and we are ending our time at LTS together, too. My four-year contract with the Division for Global Mission will be completed this summer, and I am so very grateful for your partnership over those four years. I will be in the States this summer and look forward to seeing some of you to thank you in person.


Carolyn Schneider
Associate Professor of Church History
The Lutheran Theological Seminary
50 To Fung Shan Road
Shatin, N.T.
Hong Kong

Easter 2018

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