Sermon Audio Files

Were you unable to attend a worship service, but still wish you could have heard the sermon? You’re in luck! While we have been publishing the full texts of Pastor Sue’s sermons for some time, we are now experimenting with podcasting–recording portions of the service as files that you can listen to on your computer or download to your portable device. This is a pilot project, so please try it out and let us know if it works for you, or how we might make it better.

Note: When you click on a link below, a window will open for the audio player on the church’s Google Drive. From there, you can press play to listen, choose a different audio player, or download the mp3 file.

Sermon: 11/15/15 (25 Pentecost) – Listen (mp3)

Sermon: 11/8/15 (24 Pentecost) – Listen (mp3)

Sermon: 11/1/15 (All Saints Day) – Listen (mp3)

Sermon: 9/13/15 (Pentecost 16) – Listen (mp3)

Sermon: 6/14/15 (Pentecost 3) – Listen (mp3)

Sermon: 3/22/15 (Lent 5) – Listen (mp3)

Sermon: 3/15/15 (Lent 4) – Listen (mp3)

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