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Sermon: January 7, 2018

Epiphany of Our Lord Every day some brave and/or foolish people leave behind everything and everyone they know in order to seek a new and better life—a new land, a new opportunity. Sometimes they come to study or to seek … Continue reading

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Seasons Blog: Jan. – Feb. 2018

The church year unfolds with the season of Epiphany, a time for revelations of Christ’s light shining in the darkness, and for contemplating how we reflect that light into the world that God so loves. Continue reading

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Sermon: January 15, 2017

Today John the Baptist indicates where we can look for light when he points to Jesus and calls him the Lamb of God, the Messiah. The prophet Isaiah speaks of a Servant of God who is the light to the nations. And a more recent prophet—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—illuminates what it means for all of us to live as children of the light. Continue reading

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Sermon: Surprise, surprise, surprise!

This is in keeping with a theme that seems to be unfolding in all of our Epiphany texts: Jesus turning up in the least likely places, far away from places of power and influence, doing what no one expects. Continue reading

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Sermon: Baptism of Our Lord 2016

The Greek word epiphany means “appearing” or “revealing.” The brief church season of Epiphany is when we journey from Advent to Lent, leaving behind the manger and swaddling clothes and turning to stories of shimmering revelation: Kings and stars. Doves and voices. Water. Wine. Transfiguration. Continue reading

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