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Sermon: September 17, 2017

What if this story is not meant to beat us up for not being forgiving enough, but is, instead, intended as an indictment of ANY system that sets God up as one who keeps score? What if we’re meant to see the king in today’s parable not as God, but as our own culture, a primitive creation of abusive power that can only be appeased through a blood sacrifice? What if the example we are meant to follow is not that of the king, but the other slaves, who appeal to the domineering ruler for mercy when their peer is in trouble? Continue reading

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Sermon: Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, June 12, 2016 2 Samuel 11:26-12:10, 13-15 Psalm 32 Galatians 2:15-21 Luke 7:36-8:3 Whenever we get to the story of David and Bathsheba in confirmation class, students are always shocked. They say things like, “But I thought King David … Continue reading

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Sermon: Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

September 14, 2014 Genesis 50:15-21 Psalm 103:1-13 Romans 14:1-12 Matthew 18:21-35 In the wake of our recent observance of the anniversary of September 11, it is sobering to ponder what Jesus would preach if he were presented with today’s texts. … Continue reading

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Sermon: Fourth Sunday in Lent

March 10, 2013 Today’s parable from Luke’s Gospel is a story about the ongoing need for and priority of reconciliation in God’s kingdom. In Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth we hear that it is the church’s job to … Continue reading

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Maundy Thursday

Individual confession Please call the office if you would like to see Pastor Sue for individual confession and forgiveness on Maundy Thursday (March 28). She will be available for appointments throughout the day. Agape Meal Our Maundy Thursday worship will be … Continue reading

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