Worship Assistants

Information for Worship Assistants

See who is assigned various worship duties for any given date. This includes assisting ministers, readers, prayer leaders, altar setup, communion assistants, bread bakers, wine and flower donations, and A-V volunteers.

Worship Assistant Schedule (Lent through Easter 2023)

Worship Assistant Schedule (Pentecost to Reformation 2023)

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Note: The information in these files is continuously updated and is subject to change. If you cannot assist on a day that you are assigned, please find a substitute and call the the church office (249-8527) as soon as possible (or send an email to let us know. If you see a blank spot and would like to volunteer for that position, please also call or email the office. Thanks!

Worship volunteers for the current week and next week are also printed in the the weekly announcements bulletin.

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