Mission Discovery Journey

On Sunday, June 10 and for the following three Sundays in June, the Mission Discovery Journey (MDJ) team will present information in various forms on what it means to be missional. We will begin with a focus on Kelly A. Fryer’s book, Reclaiming the “C” Word—Daring to be Church Again. We will present sermons, temple talks, bulletin inserts and adult learning sessions on topics in the book. Today we will present and discuss chapter 5, “Daring to Set People Free.” Please join us each Sunday for an approach where each of us can be the church.

Members of the Mission Discovery Journey team are: Eric Castleberg, JoAnn Fabie, John Fabie, Kia Conrad, Mike Byrne, Mark Schwartz, and Gary Turk. Please thank them for helping to lead worship and for sharing their learning with us.

About Trinity Lutheran Church

A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) located in Madison, Wisconsin.
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