Citizens With the Saints (Part 2)

Today we began our day with a delicious breakfast in our hotel. Then we ventured out to tour the city some more. The first place we saw was Jackson Square and the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral.

Inside the building were amazing paintings on the walls and ceiling and outstanding statues.

Then, after visiting the cathedral we went to see Brad Pitt and Angella Jollies house. But once we got there, the rain started up again. Within a few minutes the rain went from a light sprinkle to a down pour! We managed to seek shelter under an overhang across the street. We were standing there for what seemed like hours and the weather was not getting any better. Suddenly, a kind man who lived in the house near we were standing in front of invited us into the alley way to his courtyard. We were very thankful to get a little more shelter from the pounding rain. Unfortunately we were surrounded by little cockroaches! Then,after standing in the alley way for a while, we decided to try to dash over the French Market which was just a few blocks away. There we could get some better shelter and do a little shopping.

Once we got to the market we got a few souvenirs to bring back home and something to eat for lunch (since we missed our reservation at Pat O’Brien because of the rain). For lunch Ashley and I tried a yummy alligator poboy. We have determined that alligator tastes like chicken and fish. It was very good!

Soon the rain had slowed and the water level in the street went down, so we headed back to the hotel. There we sat around, played cards, and relaxed since the weather ruined most of our plans we had for the rest of the day.

Finally we ended the day with a lovely dinner instead of going to the dome for worship tonight. By vote we determined that we wold rather go out to have a nice dinner than walk all the way to the Superdome in the rain again and then walk all the way back to the hotel. At the restaurant we ate some more alligator bites and did some dancing. Even tho we did not go to the superdome we still had a very cool and fantastic night.

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