Remembrances for All Saints Sunday

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Trinity has long kept the church’s tradition of commemorating All Saints Day by ringing bells and reading the names of members who have died in the previous year. Last year we also added the names of all who had been baptized.

This year as we celebrate All Saints, we will expand our commemoration to include loved ones we have lost at any point in our lives. At worship on Thursday, November 1 and Sunday, November 4, there will be a time for you to light candles and offer prayers for anyone you mourn, whether or not they were officially part of this community of faith.

Additionally, there will be tables in the narthex for you to place mementos of your loved ones—a letter you have written to them, an object that evokes a special memory—any kind of remembrance you desire. If possible, we would like to leave these “tables of love” up until after worship on November 11, at which time you are welcome to take your items home. Please talk to Pastor Sue if you have questions.

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