Kits for Lutheran World Relief

Trinity Lutheran Church Women (TLCW) is again gathering supplies for Lutheran World Relief school kits and personal care kits. Now is a great time to donate school supplies, when everything is going on sale! Please bring items to church and place them in the collection baskets in the narthex. You may leave all items in their original packaging. Kits will be assembled during the TLCW workshop day on September 11.

School Kit

4 8½” x 11” 70-sheet notebooks, wide/college rule

1 blunt “safety” scissors

1 30-centimeter ruler (or inches and centimeters)

1 pencil sharpener

5 new, unsharpened pencils with erasers

1 eraser approx. 2½” long

1 box of 16 or 24 crayons

5 black or blue ball point pens (no gel ink)

Personal Care Kit

1 lightweight bath towel, 52” x 27” or smaller (dark color recommended)

2 bath-sized bars of soap in original wrapping

1 adult-sized toothbrush

1 sturdy comb

1 metal nail clippers (attached file optional)

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