Please help us find our library!

On the night of August 31, 2013, Trinity’s “Little Free Library” was removed from its post in front of the church at 1904 Winnebago Street in Madison, by an unknown person or persons.

This library was build using wood from Madison trees, and included stained glass insets handcrafted by a member of our congregation. We are heartbroken at the loss of this special library, which was meant to be used and enjoyed by the whole neighborhood.

We would appreciate any information about the disappearance of our library or its current whereabouts. If you know anything, please call the church at (608) 249-8527; no questions asked. A reward is being offered for its return.

Update—Story from NBC 15 News in Madison:

library2 library4 library3 library1

3 thoughts on “Please help us find our library!

  1. I pray the one who took it brings it back. and you have a chance to be a blessing to them.

  2. I didn’t get to see the small library because I am sitting home with 2 broken toes and a broken bone all in my right leg. And a few days after I got my purple cast up to the knee, the nail on my big toe bent back. Sure does slow a person down.

  3. That was a fine little library. My favorite and very original looking. I hope it is returned soon.

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