Urgent appeal from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Thousands of children are fleeing Central America to escape violence and hunger, and are at risk of being victims of human trafficking.


Since last October, more than 60,000 children have fled across two or more borders to reach the U.S.   Fearing for their lives, they risk everything to make a courageous journey in search of safety and a future. 

Today I ask for your help. We must speak up for these children and help meet their needs. 

For 75 years, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) has stood by refugees and Immigrants when they first arrive in the United States. Today, we stand ready to:

  • Help reunify families whenever possible. Whenever possible, LIRS reunites children with family members already living in the United States and makes sure each child is safe and their needs are met. 
  • Provide specialized foster care services. Through specialized foster care services, we ensure unaccompanied children receive support in overcoming the trauma and violence they fled.
  • Create Houses of Welcome. We provide community housing through our partner organizations and local churches for families that need legal protection.
  • Advocate for refugee children. We promote fair access to the justice system and compassionate treatment of children and adults whose very lives are at risk. 

Please give generously today. Your gift means a second chance for these highly vulnerable children who are looking for hope.

In Faith,
Linda Hartke

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