Join us for Ten Days of Prayer


Ten Days of Prayer – Introduction

Dear Trinity Members and Friends,

We to ask you to join us in prayer support for our congregation’s Great is Thy Faithfulness program. We hope that for a period of 10 days, every home in our congregation can be united in prayer.

Our request is very simple – that for 10 consecutive days you spend five minutes in prayer. Each day we will post a guide with suggested prayer topics for the day. Take five minutes to read the daily scripture passage and pray. You can use these or pray as God moves you.

If you live in a family, it would be great if for the 10 days this prayer time could be a part of your family devotions.

These are important days in our congregation. Uniting in prayer, asking for God’s presence with the people of Trinity Lutheran Church, is one of the most important things we can do.

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