Letter from Hong Kong

Dear friends at Trinity,

I am imagining you very busy these days hosting bikers and homeless families on the weekends, studying the Bible on Wednesdays, singing some of the same songs we sing here in Hong Kong on Sundays, pondering how to use the money from the sale of the parking lot that will now be used by your neighbors at Fresh Start, and doing many other kinds of ministries. I hope that the little library is getting good use. Amid all of that, I want to thank you for extending your ministry to me and to the people I work with here at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong. I enjoy working with the students here very much. You know how good it is to be in a community of kind, thoughtful, fun people at Trinity; the same is true at LTS. It is a little bit crazy right now because it is the last week of the semester. Soon people will part ways to go home for the summer, or to stay here and work on their theses and dissertations for the summer, or to begin a new job after graduating. I will stay here this summer, but next summer I will come to visit you. I look forward to that.

Christ’s peace to you.

Carolyn Schneider

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