Thanksgiving Eve service

Join your Trinity family, along with friends from our neighboring congregations, St. John’s and Zion Lutheran, for Thanksgiving Eve worship on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. This year the service will be held at St. John’s Lutheran on E. Washington Ave. Our own seminarian volunteer Joe Wilkinson will deliver the sermon, and there will be time for dessert and fellowship afterward.

Here is a message from a member of our congregation about Thanksgiving eve worship:

Sincere thanks to all the St. John’s and Zion friends who visited Trinity for a rewarding Thanksgiving Eve worship in 2014. And especially the joined groups of singers building a fine large choir that enjoyed making powerful music together. It was a joy to be part of a large choir again and making music to inspire our worship. We had a welcoming and nearly filled sanctuary making for a truly thank-filled joint service. The large group of worshipers made the noisy hymn singing a joy for us all.

That was followed with a friendly after-service fellowship with all meeting and making new friends from other churches. I spoke to several folks from all three churches who all agreed that it was an evening to remember … and to revisit.

Please let me urge EVERY congregant and EVERY choir singer to plan your calendar to be sure you can join us this year at St. John’s Lutheran just off the square. You will heartily enjoy a service that will make your whole thanksgiving time a blessing for your family.

And a friendly warning: if you miss it, you will later hear from your home-church friends about what a joyful and valued experience you missed. So don’t be sorry, BE THERE!

Let’s fill the sanctuary and let our hymns rattle the windows—and maybe the neighbors! After the service we’ll fill the fellowship hall with happy thank-filled folks blending in conversation and laughter and making new church friends. It’ll be grand. Will you be there?

~Shel Ellestad

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