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Urge President Obama and Secretary Kerry to increase Humanitarian Assistance for South Sudan

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The recent outbreak of violent clashes in South Sudan has left tens of thousands of people displaced and hundreds killed or injured. This new crisis, which began on July 8 in the capital city of Juba, comes as South Sudan is still grappling with one of the worst humanitarian situations as a result of multiple armed conflicts.

According to the United Nations, the new clashes have displaced nearly 40,000 people, and many of them have taken shelter at various churches and U.N. compounds. Prior to the current fighting, the U.N. reported that South Sudan is experiencing unprecedented levels of food insecurity, and that 1 in 5 people are displaced. To make matters worse, only 40 percent of the funds required to effectively address this humanitarian emergency have been received, which means only a fraction of people in need of humanitarian assistance are being reached.

This is unacceptable; we must not stand by while many of our sisters and brothers in South Sudan suffer from extreme starvation and lack of medical care—the most basic of human needs. Please urge President Obama and Secretary Kerry to increase humanitarian assistance to South Sudan, and to work with other donor countries to meet the needed emergency funding requests.

The ELCA has a long-standing commitment to accompany efforts for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan, including the recent ground-breaking for a new Lutheran center and clinic in the nation’s capital, Juba. Click here to learn more.


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