Just Bakery unity dinner Oct. 21

You are invited!

Just Bakery students invite you to attend a Unity Dinner on Friday, October 21. All are welcome to the table for a delicious meal prepared and served by local law enforcement and Just Bakery students.

The dinner will be held at Blackhawk Church, located at 9620 Brader Way in Middleton. Tickets are $25 each, and can be purchased here:

JUST BAKERY – Rising Above Adversity

MUM would like to invite everyone to the table to share in a meal, in dialogue and to begin to see one another beyond stereotypes and sound bytes. We are keenly aware that one meal does not mend what is broken in our community; we as an organization will continue our advocacy work in this community. This is simply an opportunity to gather together at the table, to talk, to look into someone else’s eyes and to make one small connection.

The dinner is something our students wanted to do. They wanted this opportunity to both support the expansion of Just Bakery, and to try to find some small way to begin a process of dialogue. Please join us for an exciting and engaging night with great food! Please reserve your seat now!

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