Eco-Reformation presentation Oct. 30

On October 30 after worship, please stay for a presentation by on “Eco-Reformation” by WKOW Channel 27 Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier.

When asked “Why Eco-Reformation?” Mr. Lindmeier replied, “Eco-Reformation is a reformation of the church to address one of the biggest challenges of our time. God’s Earth is in great trouble—pollution of air, land, and waters, loss of forests and loss of farmable land, proliferation of waste, global climate change, and more. The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that these conditions are due in large part to the accumulative impact of human activity since the industrial revolution. To stop the destructive activity and to embrace practices that restore Earth, we will need sweeping changes in our society and our world. We need a transformation in our life and mission as a church, individually and together.”

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