The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!

Following our worship service on April 9 (Palm Sunday) we will have a presentation on the very basic tenets (and misunderstandings) of Islam. Then, on April 23, we will welcome Cemile Sahin, a Muslim woman who has been meeting with a few Trinity members on a regular basis. Cemile will answer questions about her own life and faith, and her small study group will share insights gained from time spent with her. All are invited to participate.

1 thought on “The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!

  1. Dear Pastor Susan, The Muslims are coming. My church had Reza Aslan here on March 12 in the pulpit (big mistake, I thought as he touted the Book of James over Apostle Paul, and left us with the LAW) See …… and scroll down to March 12. I’ve liked him in his previous appearances in our Forum hour, but he’s no Christian preacher.

    The guy I love is Eboo Patel, Muslim director of Chicago’s Interfaith Youth Core, who when interviewed at L.A.”s main Library by our previous rector, put me in tears throughout his representation. A beautiful man. And his two great books: Sacred Ground (on interfaith stuff), and Acts Of Faith, a Bio/Memoir.

    Keep up the good work. We are enjoying, excited about our new Rector, Mike Kinman. I continue to hobble along after tripping on a parking space berm in December. It’s all good. Grace and peace. Your out-of-town parishoner, Dale Sorenson

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