Help for Puerto Rico companion synod

Together we can make a big difference! Each of the 65 regional synods in the ELCA has a partner synod. Ours is Puerto Rico. As you know, their suffering is acute in the wake of two hurricanes.

We have learned that our dollars will stretch farther if, instead of shipping donated food and water, we send on our financial offerings to their synod office for purchasing food and water there. The synod office in Puerto Rico will have volunteers distribute to those in need throughout the island.

Please donate to help our companion synod. Make checks payable to SCSW-ELCA and note PUERTO RICO in the memo. Leave it with your local church, or mail to:

South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
6401 Odana Road, Suite 20
Madison, WI 53719

Thank you for your generosity,

Rev. Steve Kottke
Assistant to the Bishop
Puerto Rico Partner Synod Liaison

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