News from Hong Kong

Dear friends at Trinity in Madison:

From a chilly Hong Kong (40s outside, 50s inside), I am pleased to send you my latest newsletter, in which you will meet the members of Centre Lutheran Church, where I serve as a sacramental minister. They would love to meet you in return, so please do use my email address to send them photos, stories, and words of encouragement from your congregation. Whatever you send I will bring with me the next time I go to Centre Lutheran.

Here is a special note for the knitters at Trinity in Madison. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the soft, warm prayer shawl. It lives in my office and I use it daily. Not only does it keep me warm on the outside but it also gives me a sense of peace and warmth inside. Your gift is much appreciated.


Carolyn Schneider
ELCA missionary in Hong Kong

February newsletter from Hong Kong

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