Volunteers Needed for IHN

March 11 is Move-in Day

Guests from IHN/The Road Home will be here soon! Sunday, March 11 is move-in day at Trinity. If you would like to help or if you have any questions, please contact Vicki Olson or Kia Conrad. This will be our last time hosting IHN at Trinity.

The Road Home to End the IHN Program

A program that has sheltered homeless families in Madison-area churches and synagogues since 1999 will end — at least partly because progress is being made finding such families permanent homes.

The Road Home’s Interfaith Hospitality Network Shelter Program will end this spring. Trinity is among 13 congregations who take week-long turns hosting as many as 14 people, or three or four families. Some 40 other “buddy” congregations provide meals and other help to the sheltered.

The Road Home Board members made the unanimous decision to end the program, not because of a lack of funding, but because of plans by social-service providers and developers for low-cost housing projects, and also due to a decrease in the number of homeless families.

Summers are always the busiest months for family shelters, and The Road Home is working with Dane County staff and other shelter providers to see what solutions for bigger capacity issues during a few months a year.

The IHN host and buddy churches have spent much time with The Road Home staff considering ways that willing and engaged volunteers might transition into another one of The Road Home programs.  Stay tuned for announcements of opportunities that are coming for us to help.

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