LTS News from Hong Kong

Dear friends at Trinity Lutheran Church,

With pleasure I send you the Easter 2018 issue of the LTS News, English edition, which celebrates life in Jesus’ name (John 20:30-31).

Here is the link:

Our theme is beautifully illustrated on the cover, which was created especially for this issue by a student who will be graduating from LTS this June.

You will notice in the editorial that this is the last issue of the LTS News that I will be editing because this is my final semester at LTS. Of course, you can continue to enjoy the LTS News, which will continue to be published under the editorial guidance of Dr. Jan Depner. But if you would like to stop receiving the please let Dr. Depner know.

Dr. Carolyn Schneider
Associate Professor of Church History
Editor of the “LTS News,” English edition
The Lutheran Theological Seminary
50 To Fung Shan Road
Shatin, N.T.
Hong Kong

About Trinity Lutheran Church

A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) located in Madison, Wisconsin.
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