In-person Worship Remains on Pause

The Trinity Planning Council met last week to review the status of COVID in our area and our previous decision to move online for Sunday worship in January.

The good news is that the omicron variant seems to have peaked in Dane County, and case counts and other metrics are trending downward. The tough news is that cases, hospitalizations, and percent positivity of tests are still higher than our threshold for safe gatherings.

Therefore, the Council decided to continue our pause of in-person worship for the month of February, but the Council will continue to monitor the situation throughout the month. In the meantime, we still offer our thanks and praise to God as we gather online and by phone.

For those who are interested, Pastor Andy recorded a short video explaining in a little more depth some of the data informing the Council’s discernment.

Video Update from Pastor Andy:  

Please join us in prayer for our church and community.

In Christ,

President Shirley Olson & Pastor Andy Twiton
on behalf of the Trinity Planning Council

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