No flowers during Lent

One of the ways the Trinity Worship  Commission has decided to observe Lent is by not having flowers on the altar during this season of austerity and simple reflection. We hope this absence of flowers during Lent will amplify the resurrection message of the Easter flowers when they arrive!

Since we know many of you like to honor loved ones by dedicating flowers on special days, and some of those days may fall during Lent, we are letting you know in time to consider other ways of showing your respect and affection. Perhaps you would consider one of the options highlighted in the ELCA Good Gifts Catalog instead. For the $15 you would spend on one bouquet of altar flowers, you could buy six water jugs for carrying clean water in remote areas of Asia or Africa, or a Bible and hymnal in the local language of a new congregation. For $30 (two bouquets) you could provide tools and training for a farmer in Malawi, or a day of class tuition for a seminary student.

If you prefer, you could make an additional offering to Trinity in your loved one’s name, or  select a date during another season of the year to pay for flowers. However you choose to respond, we thank you for your generosity.

Ruth Kroneman
Worship Commission Chair

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