LSS Refugee Resettlement Program Update

lss-logoTrinity has been providing storage space for donations of furniture and household goods to the Lutheran Social Services Refugee Resettlement Program (LSS Refugee) for a number of years. LSS Refugee has been serving new refugee arrivals since 2008. Due to the increasing scarcity of affordable housing, LSS made the decision to close out refugee resettlement on January 15, 2019; however, ongoing service and case management will continue up to five years for those who already have been settled here. LSS Refugee’s office remains at 322 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703, with the same office phone (608-250-2671). Please feel free to call the office with any questions.

We would like the remaining items in storage at Trinity to be put to good use and made available to both refugees and any others in need in our community. If you know of someone in need, please contact the LSS Refugee Program or the church office  to get an item list and coordinate pickup from Trinity to deliver to those in need in Madison. Thank you for your support and partnership.

Mary Flynn
Program Manager
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan

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