‘The Challenge of Paul’ series continues

Saint_Paul_5__29569.1413670613.1000.1200_grandeAll are invited to join us in viewing and discussing the final four sessions in the The Challenge of Paul video series. We will meet in Fellowship Hall, following Sunday worship for four Sundays beginning March 17.

In this series, biblical scholar Dr. John Dominic Crossan takes us back into Paul’s First Century setting, challenging us to better understand his writings and their relevance to us here in the 21st Century. All are welcome! Please join us!


Paul & Justice

Sunday, March 17:  Session 4.1, ‘To Make a Just World’
Sunday, March 24:  Session 4.2, ‘The Greatest of These’
Sunday, March 31:  Session 4.3, ‘Those Who Have Slept’
Sunday, April 7:  Session 4.4,  ‘On a Mission for Unity’


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