40 Days of Giving

Lent Devotions from ELCA World Hunger

During Lent 2021, we invite our members to studypray, reflect and give while following ELCA World Hunger’s 40 Days of Giving devotional series.

As always, our weeks will begin with Sunday worship. Then, each Monday a member of Trinity will read devotions from a study guide and present topics for reflection. The devotions will be presented on video and will be available on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. If you would like to print your own study guide, you can download it here.

Trinity’s social media posts (Facebook and Instagram) will help us practice the disciplines of the 40 Days of Giving devotional calendar:

  • Sunday – Worship
  • Monday – Study
  • Tuesday – Reflect
  • Wednesday – Pray
  • Thursday – Give
  • Friday – Hear

On Saturday we are asked to Sing. To help you with this, a weekly hymn will be recorded and presented as a video on our Facebook page for you to listen to and sing along. It will be available at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning.

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